Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is beauty... anyways?

Lately, I've been pretty down on myself... I find myself lacking confidence. After reading this lovely post  I felt it was time for me to address this.

What defines beauty? Or perhaps a better question is who defines beauty? Is being beautiful the same as being a "badd b*tch"  ?  I often look at myself, and think if only I had a smaller nose, or longer hair... but I've never really looked at myself and felt as if I'm truly beautiful. Sometimes I choose to hide behind make-up or to simply blend into the crowd by dressing myself completely down in attempt of going unnoticed.

Beauty is an abstract concept!  
In my opinion, beauty describes character opposed to appearance.It describes that girl who is always willing to help, even if she has to give her last. Or that girl who came from a shaky background and takes everything she has in her, in order to press on and succeed. Beauty is ambition... Beauty is uniqueness...Beauty is internal... 
When one's good traits begin to spill out, that is when true beauty is discovered!  With that being said... I declare my beauty today!

Yes! I'm beautiful, gorgeous...and I'll even take the title of being a "badd b*tch," and I dare anyone to try to tell me other wise ; ) 
Although, every outfit may not be flattering on me, or I may not conform to the trends of fashion, I still see the beauty. 

As time progresses, I learn to accept things as they are , especially myself : )
Inside and out : )

It's amazing how as human, we are more likely to point out the flaws of anything before we appreciate the good. And often times, we are the most critical in regards to ourselves.  
Beautiful, eh?
So, what's your definition of beauty? 


Geriee the Glamazon said...

GO YOU! You are a haute stuff, let no man tell you nothing!!!!
I'm so happy you were inspired by my post!

Anonymous said...

Claim that, you are a beautiful girl inside/out and I dare you to think anything different. Have a wonderful day!